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Focus Area: Environmental Sustainability

Multiplying impact on the bottom line through sustainable solutions

Cisco's CSR vision is to build environmental sustainability into each business function and process. When IT companies make sustainability an integral part of technologies, products, and solutions, we better protect our planet while creating business value for our suppliers, our customers, and our own bottom line.

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

Cisco efforts include aggressive targets to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from our operations and suppliers worldwide. In 2012, Cisco completed two 5-year GHG emission reduction goals and announced 5 more targets in 2013.

  • 2/3 of business travel eliminated in 5 years due to widespread use of collaborative tools and $100 million saved each year in reduced business travel.
  • 25% absolute reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over 5 years from Cisco operations as revenue increased by 30%.
  • 77% of our key suppliers reported their GHG emissions to Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in FY13.

Read more starting on pages F6 and F17 of the 2013 Cisco CSR Report (PDF).

Energy Efficient Products

About 90 percent of Cisco product emissions occur during use. That’s why we focus on designing products, power supplies and integrated circuits to be energy efficient, and creating collaborative solutions to help our customers reduce their emissions.

Read more starting on page F20 of the 2013 Cisco CSR Report (PDF).

Technology Product End-of-Life Planning

Product Takeback and Recycling programs provide customers a no-cost way to manage their electronic waste.

  • Maximized product life through service, refurbishment, and reuse.
  • Reduce the demand for virgin raw materials by recycling metal and plastic commodities.
  • Essentially 100% of electronics received are repaired and reused or recycled.

Read more starting on page F6 of the 2013 Cisco CSR Report (PDF).

Impact Multiplied

Environmentally friendly business practices can reduce business risk, improve reputation, and drive market opportunities. Cisco business policies have reduced our environmental footprint while making a positive impact on our bottom line. By setting high standards for our emissions reductions goals and transparent reporting, Cisco leads by example.

  • 5 years leadership of the Carbon Disclosure Project Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI)
  • Top of the list in both the Greenpeace Cool IT Challenge and the CDP annual investor survey on climate change.
  • Donations of collaborative and networking technologies reduce the environmental footprint of our community partners.

Read more starting on page F5 of the 2013 Cisco CSR Report (PDF).

Environment Case Studies

Cisco CSR environment programs multiply impact worldwide.

2013 CSR Report: Environment

Download the 2013 Cisco CSR Report and read the Environment section.

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