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Unify IT teams, drastically reduce costs and complexity for Microsoft Cloud Platform

Next week, Cisco will be “ Igniting Opportunities Through Innovation ”  at the Micro...

Jul 7th | Cisco Blog » Data Center

The Napkins Dialogues: Life of a Packet (Walk), Part 1

Lately I’ve been giving a lot of presentations about storage basics. I actually really enjoy i...

Jun 30th | Cisco Blog » Data Center

Cisco Continues to Support Application Virtual Switch for Application Centric Infrastructure in vSphere Deployments

Cisco  Application Virtual Switch  (AVS), a virtual member of the Cisco’s Application Centri...

Jun 29th | Cisco Blog » Data Center

My take on the integrated infrastructure buzz

I recently created a playlist of my favorite 80’s, 90’s and current songs. Listening to the play...

Jun 26th | Cisco Blog » Data Center

ACI Delivered Operational Simplicity at Cisco Live San Diego

Much of the discussion about Cisco ACI has been about accelerating the deployment of applications ac...

Jun 24th | Cisco Blog » Data Center

Docker and the Rise of Microservices

Over the past 18 months, we’ve been witnessing a rapid transformation in the way applications are ...

Jun 22nd | Cisco Blog » Data Center

Cisco and Red Hat at the Center of IT Transformation

The open hybrid-cloud and big data are at the center of the IT transformation that will enable ever...

Jun 20th | Cisco Blog » Data Center

ITD and RISE: New innovations at Cisco Live San Diego

ITD (Intelligent Traffic Director) and RISE (Remote Integrated Services Engine) have been helping Ci...

Jun 19th | Cisco Blog » Data Center

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