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The Business Value of Cisco Big Data Solutions

Since it’s inception five years ago Cisco’s Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) offerings have ...

Feb 12th | Data Center – Cisco Blog

A Year Ahead: Big Data and Analytics on Cisco UCS

I’m so looking forward to the year ahead in the world of big data and analytics, because the oppor...

Feb 11th | Data Center – Cisco Blog

Being Social at Cisco Live Berlin

There is excitement building in the Data Center team for Cisco Live Berlin next week! Our friend Rav...

Feb 10th | Data Center – Cisco Blog

Fast and Flexible – New Third Generation Fabric Interconnect

Guest Blogger: Nikul Sheth, Product Manager for Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect One of the things I ad...

Feb 9th | Data Center – Cisco Blog

How Open APIs Enable Multi-Vendor Integration Bringing Greater Customer Value

Cloud architects and IT operations need a consistent policy model for all applications and for the v...

Feb 8th | Data Center – Cisco Blog

Cisco Live Berlin 2016, just a week away – A preview

Making a trip to Berlin is always worthwhile. And February is especially notable, as this is when fa...

Feb 8th | Data Center – Cisco Blog

Keeping It Simple While Keeping It Fresh

When you read the headline, you may think this blog is about a new restaurant or cuisine, but this p...

Feb 5th | Data Center – Cisco Blog

Enabling DevOps to Succeed: Go Beyond APIs

Bio: Lori MacVittie is responsible for education and evangelism of application services available ac...

Feb 4th | Data Center – Cisco Blog

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