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Provide Better Customer Care

Deliver personalized omnichannel experiences that satisfy your customers.

Create Stronger Customer Relationships

See the six questions you have been asking yourself about the omnichannel customer experience. (PDF - 389 KB)

Create Stronger Customer Relationships
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    Contact Center Solutions

    Consistently provide easy-to-use, engaging, omnichannel customer experiences.

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    Options for Contact Center Solutions

    Enhance contact center efficiency with options that build upon the primary products.

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      Cisco Finesse

      • Contact center agent and supervisor desktop
      • Thin client that doesn’t require client-side installation
      • User-customizable for quick access to multiple sources
      • Simplified development and integration with open APIs
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      Cisco MediaSense

      • Capture, preservation, and mining of customer conversations
      • Support for analyzing business intelligence from customer interactions
      • Open-standards, network-based platform
  • Explore Omnichannel

    Transform to digital business to provide a total customer experience. (PDF - 1.2 MB)

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    Find the Right Cloud Vendor

    Learn key criteria for selecting a vendor to host your contact center in the cloud. (PDF - 415 KB)

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