Rapid IT growth increases data-center power requirements, which can result in financial and environmental concerns. Organizations and data center managers are challenged to:

  • Slow the growth of power and cooling needs
  • Measure, monitor, and manage data-center power over the network
  • Promote power-efficiency strategies in data center operations
  • Track power consumption and emissions to support organizational energy-conservation initiatives

Cisco provides solutions that can help IT managers transition from maintaining isolated silos of servers to creating a virtualized community of computing and storage resources that are linked with an intelligent network. This virtualization approach combines the manageability, energy, and space savings of a centralized infrastructure with the flexibility of a locally distributed system, to:

  • Establish data center operation efficiency and utilization benchmarks
  • Implement power-consumption measurement, monitoring, and management applications
  • Identify underutilized and low-value infrastructure
  • Provide accurate power-efficiency data


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