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Doing Business With Cisco


Corporate Development
Dedicated to innovation as the path to growth and sustainability of market leadership, Cisco takes a broad approach that includes multiple strategies. Corporate Development plays an important role in fueling the strategy of innovation for growth.

Cisco Brand Center
Find resources, information, and links about trademarks, logo usage, copyright licensing, and other key aspects of the Cisco brand. Access request forms for information about copyrighted materials.

Customer Service Information
The Cisco Worldwide Customer Service organization is dedicated to achieving leadership in customer satisfaction by providing world-class order fulfillment and support with Internet and business solutions to our worldwide customers, partners and sales teams. Learn more about Cisco customer service and find phone and e-mail contact information for Cisco Customer Service agents worldwide to get help with Internet Commerce Tool assistance, order status, changes and expedites.

Cisco Conferencing Global Access Numbers
Find phone numbers around the world available for conference calls scheduled by members of the Cisco work force. Cisco IT has deployed the Cisco MeetingPlace product for a rich media conferencing experience to enable work force productivity. For information on Cisco MeetingPlace and other products, visit Voice and IP Communications.

Find resources, information, and links about global export trade.

Supplier Information
Find information on becoming a Cisco supplier and access to forms, documents, and tools needed to apply or foster your supplier relationship with Cisco.

Open at Cisco
Learn how Cisco is driving the growth of open source technologies, expanding the development of open standards, and investing resources to provide for sustainable innovation.

Business Continuity
Learn how Cisco works to help ensure that its operations remain secure during major disruptive events.

Making It Easy to Do Business with Cisco
Learn how Cisco is striving to improve the customer experience by implementing changes that simplify our processes, policies, tools, and operations.

Sponsorship Requests

Cisco is not evaluating any new program requests at this time as our programs and plans are in place for the fiscal year.