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Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

Customers share about successful deployments of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

Benefits of Desktop Virtualization
Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

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Why You Should Use Desktop Virtualization

Offer consistent, highly secure service delivery of centrally hosted desktops, applications, and content to users anywhere, on multiple devices.

VXI: In Depth

How Cisco Virtualization Solutions Can Help

The Cisco Virtual Workspace (VXI) Smart Solution and Cisco Desktop Virtualization Solutions give IT the flexibility to meet your user's specific needs, helping you boost productivity, agility, and creativity.

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Why Choose Cisco

Why Cisco Virtualization Is Your Best Choice

These solutions have been built for simplicity, scalability, security, flexibility, and workspace mobility. They also work together with services, support, and partner technologies to simplify deployment, lower costs, and reduce risk.

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How to Get Started

How to Get Started

Contact Cisco to start building your desktop virtualization solution as part of your workspace strategy. Cisco and its qualified partners will work with you to choose an initial desktop virtualization project and associated use cases.

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