Title: Paid Internet Surveys ? What are they?

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This is a review article about paid surveys.

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Paid internet surveys are very much like any other survey you might fill out. The only difference is that you do it online, while you are getting paid for it, as the name suggests. Just like any normal offline survey, paid internet surveys can be on many different topics and cover a wide range of different questions.

When you are completing paid internet surveys, just answer honestly as this is the whole idea of completing a survey which purpose is to get a true representation of what the consumer actually wants.

What types of paid internet surveys are available? There are many different types of surveys you can choose from, and each one will have its own benefit. For example, some of them are very short; they may take only 15 minutes of your time. You can earn around $20 for just completing that survey. Some paid internet surveys that are over an hour long and pay a lot more, around $60.

Paid internet surveys are not just limited to the standard question and answer format either. Some of them may actually be a focus group, or participating in an online discussion or product feedback discussion. These types can go for between one and two hours but also pay between $100 and $200 for completion.

In addition, there are many types of payments and variations that can be accepted by companies that offer paid internet surveys. The most popular type of payment is PayPal (an online electronic payment facility) which is widely recognized and very stable. It is usually the preferred payment method for people working online and especially for getting money from paid internet survey companies.

Another form of payment is a check. This is the least preferred method as it consumes a lot of resources and costs a bit more to process. E-Gold is also another online electronic payment currency that is very popular but PayPal is more widely recognized.

If you were dedicated to doing a lot of paid internet surveys then my recommendation would be to open a PayPal account as they are very easy to deal with and allow you to have payments instantly.

One thing to remember when looking for paid internet survey companies is to always go with the bigger companies and make sure you do your research before you join any sites.

If you pick the wrong site or go with the wrong company then you may not receive the money you deserve for completing the surveys. So make sure you do your homework and when you find a good company, stick with it. They will usually provide you with many paid internet surveys. Then, hopefully, you can make a nice little income on the side for a long time.

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